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No Right Turn


October 4-11, 2014 is officially the International Week of Protest
to Stop the Militarization of Space, otherwise known as
Keep Space for Peace Week. This year's theme is Full
Spectrum Resistance to Full Spectrum Dominance and the
featured issues are No more War!, Save the Environment!,
No Drones!, and Justice! AAPJ fully supports this week and
encourages you to do your part to support it as well. You can
find out more from the Global Network Against Weapons and
Nuclear Power in Space, at www.space4peace.org or by
calling 207-443-9502. You can also learn more from the three
major cosponsors: Women's International League for Peace and
Freedom, www.ReachingCriticalWill.org; Know Drones (US),
www.KnowDrones.com; and Drone Campaign Network (UK),


Come to the weekly End the War Coalition meetings and help plan future events!

Contact endthewarcoalition@cox.net for meeting times and location.

AAPJ meets the second and fourth Sunday of the month at Tempe Friends Meeting House, 318 E. 15th Street in Tempe. Meeting time is 5:00pm. 


To find out about events in the peace and justice movement, sign up today at
aapjinfo@yahoo.com with "add to list-serv" in the subject heading--and don't forget to send your email address!

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