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Wheels of Justice Bus Tour
Coming to Phoenix February 25-27!!

Witness to war and occupation in Iraq and Palestine

What: Come and learn why we are fighting in Iraq. Learn about the Israeli occupation from the witnesses. Meet others who want to stop the killing and bring our troops home NOW! Hear about peaceful solutions!

Who: *Dave Lippman, aka George Shrub the Singing CIA Agent *Brian Avery, US member of the International Solidarity Movement who was shot in the face by Israeli Forces in Jenin. *Bill Hill, of Tucson, drove a tank with a napalm thrower on it in Vietnam. In 1991, he served 6 months in federal prison for blocking the doors to the federal building in protest of the 1991 Gulf War. *Dennis Kyne, gulf war vet and Member of Vets for Peace.


February 25, ASU campus at 7:00pm Lattie Coor Building Rm. 174.

February 26, 7:00pm at Friends Meeting House 318 E. 15th St Tempe Az.


Dave Lippman aka George Shrub concert.

Friday, February 27th at 9:00pm

The Muse (1032 S. Terrace, Tempe)

Benefit Concert for the Wheels of Justice Tour

Sliding Scale Admission Starting at $5.00

Dave Lippman, one of America's foremost non-corporate comedians, takes the air out of the windbags of the week, de-distorts history, and rewrites the classics with parody and thrust. On the bus tour, Lippman presents singing CIA agent George Shrub, who travels throughout his globalized domain sharing his Point of View (the Right One) so that people won't need their own. He employs anti-folk songs and interventionary anthems in his role as Cultural Director of the Department of Homeland Security.

Want more info about Dave Lippman? see www.davelippman.com .

Want more info about the tour? --see www.justicewheels.org

Would your organization like to co-sponsor this event ? Please contact info@azpeace.org

Sponsored by - The Arizona Alliance for Peaceful Justice, Arizona Chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, ASU Campus Greens, Local to Global Justice, Voices in the Wilderness, Al-Adwa, International Solidarity Movement, and the Middle East Children's Alliance.







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