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Not in a committee yet? Contact the chairperson for more information, or attend a meeting. AAPJ would like to encourage all members to participate in a committee. We need your help!

Organizing Committee

The Organizing Committee coordinates structure for AAPJ providing meeting space, supporting facilitation of meetings, maintaining contact lists, coordinating financial issues, and supporting other committees in carrying out their tasks.
For more information contact the Organizing Committee chairperson: organizing@azpeace.org

Events Committee

The events planning committee helps plan and coordinate events sponsored by AAPJ such as rallys, marches, and teach-ins. We contact possible speakers, musical acts, and attend to the details involved in planning an event. Events Planning also works with other committees, such as the Education Committee, to plan teach-ins and other events. Events also focuses on media, publicity and communications issues.
For more information contact the Events Planning Committee chairperson: events@azpeace.org

Web Committee

The Web committee is responsible for all website issues.

For more information contact the Webmaster: web@azpeace.org




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