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Alternet: alternative news media

AntiWar.com: anti-war news from a division of the Center for Libertarian Studies

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Me Vs. Myself

Raed In the Middle

Common Dreams: progressive news

CounterPunch.org: alternative news and information

Dailykos: Progressive news and blogging.

Democracy Now: Resistance Radio hosted by Amy Goodman

Doctors Without Borders: Information about issues on the humanitarian frontline globally.

Earth Island Journal: coverage of environmental and social issues

GandhiServe: Research and Media about Mahatma Gandhi.

HaguePeace.org: links to The Hague

The Meria Heller Show daily webcasts from Phoenix, Arizona

The Nation: a progressive newsmagazine

NewsPaperLinks.org: Links to newspapers and media around the world

NonViolence.org: a portal to many peace organizaions around the world

Open Secrets.org: your guide to money in politics

People's World: News form aworking class perspective.

Protest.net: updated information about protests around the globe

Socialist Worker:

TruthOut.com: Press releases, speeches and quotes from government officials and leaders from around the globe.

The War Resisters League



AIPER: Arizona Institute for Peace Education and Research, Tempe, AZ.

American Friends Service Committee

Amnesty International

ANSWER: Act Now to Stop War and End Racism

Arizona Democracy Group

Arizonans for the Protection of Children

Arizonans United for Peace: Grassroots activism in your backyard

Campus Activism

Charity Portal: An online portal to many charities

Circus to Iraq:

The Coexintence Initiative

Conflict Resolution Information

Covert Action Quarterly

Draft Resistance.org

Dry River Radical Resource Center: Radical Activists in Tucson.

Fellowship of Reconciliation

Flagstaff Activist Network

Free to Camp Coalition: Homelessness is not a crime.

Global Exchange: a human rights organization dedicated to promoting environmental, political, and social justice around the world

International Action Center

Iraq Peace Team

Iraq-War.org Iraq war discussion site

Kid's Peace Site (ABS)

New Democratic Party Az

Nobel Peace Prize Website

No War Collective

Nuclear Age Peace Foundation

Nuclear Information and Resource Service

One Million Taxpayers for Peace

Patriots For Peace

Peace Action

ProgressiveSecretary.org: this non-profit will send you email alerts on various issues you can select at their website and will send letters and emails for you at the click of a button

Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan: RAWA is an independent organization of Afghan women struggling for peace, freedom, democracy and women's rights in Afghanistan

Salt of the Earth Labor College: Education and Instruction for Working Class Activists.

School of the Americas

Tucson Peace Calendar

Tolerance.org: Up to date information on tolerance issues as well as valuable educational information

United for Peaceand Justice

Voices in the Wilderness

Watch the Sky


Women's International League for Peace and Freedom

Women in Black (International)

Women in Black (Phoenix)

WorkingForChange.com: Action website for various issues

Governor of Arizona

Arizona State Legislature

E-mail Senator Jon Kyl

E-mail Senator McCain

Phoenix League of Women Voters: Voter information in metro Phoenix through the League of Women Voters

Maricopa County Recorders Office

Project Vote Smart: independent political and election information for Arizona

U.S. House of Representatives

U.S. Senate

U.S. Supreme Court

The White House

Mark Fiore Animations: biting political cartoons

Steve Benson Cartoons: from the Arizona Republic

I-Mockery.com: for the cynic in us all.

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